11 Remedies and Tips for Daily Life

  1. In today’s lifestyle, we don’t have time for one another especially when we talk about relatives whether they are of your mother’s family or father’s family communication gap is increasing earlier there was a schedule that kids visit their relatives like mama, Bua ,Masi in vacations or on festival but now today life has become to run on hill stations on long weekend so change this by visiting at your relatives this will help your kids to know the value of relations as it will help in giving good result of mercury, mars, Saturn as mercury is your Bua and Saturn is your mama or chacha if there is a long gap or differences in family so simply start by wishing them on their birthday or on any festival give them some sweets too.
  2. Always give respect or give tea to fourth class worker and third gender this is powerful remedy for those who are struggling for buying new home but are not able to be successful as well if you are facing problems with your servants.
  3. This remedy will help in creating situations of buying your own house every Tuesday offer red masoor dal and jaggery to white cow and calf and if possible chana dal to horse.
  4. Respect your guest whosoever come at your house especially at the time of sunset try to serve them food now here we can understand in a busy lifestyle it’s not possible every time but you don’t have to serve deluxe thali simply dal chapati will also work. This will help Mars to give good results.
  5. If your marriage is getting delayed or not able to happen start eating yellow food specially chana dal on a banana leaf or offer papaya to cow every Thursday or chant 108 names of braspati dev in front of a banana tree by lightning Diya and yellow flower.
  6. Make a habit of feeding anyone or two animals like dogs, cows, cats, birds believe me this is not a remedy you are making your life obstacles free as all these animals carry the energy from certain planets like Saturn, Ketu, mercury, and Rahu main thing is whenever you are giving food to any animal stand over there so you can gain energy of that planet.
  7. If you are facing debt in your life keep brass deer in the west direction or if possible apply mustard oil to bull (male buffalo) it will give you good and positive Saturn energy.
  8. Next Is how to maintain harmony in husband and wife relation as sometimes both are right from their angle and viewpoint but time and planets sometimes lead to separation or worst situation women can do Friday fasting offer red and white flowers to ma Laxmi Ji or ittar to Shri yantra.
  9. Take two silver rings used by husband and wife both now tie these silver rings in kalawa and tie seven knots now keep under sindoor box, it’s like both rings should be dipped under sindoor. You will notice if there is some fight or arguments also is sorted with good understanding.
  10. Try to clean and decorate your home on Friday with fresh flowers, perfumes Kapur, and tej patta dhuni (Even lord kuber start granting wishes after burning this powder as it makes him happy). Avoid messy bedsheets it will give you a confused mind, not able to take a decision at the right time as clean and settled bedsheet is as much you will feel organized in your life.
  11. If you are facing a problem in child studies he /she doesn’t want to study so take satnaja atta and make one dough of it from your child’s hand offer it to ox for 21 days at noontimes. You will see children start taking interest in studies.




Astrologer and Teacher of Vedic Astrology | Founder of LUNAR ASTRO VEDIC ACADEMY [www.lunarastro.com] | Under water robotics engineer.

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Deepanshu Giri

Deepanshu Giri

Astrologer and Teacher of Vedic Astrology | Founder of LUNAR ASTRO VEDIC ACADEMY [www.lunarastro.com] | Under water robotics engineer.

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