Best Cure for Thyroid- Singing

Deepanshu Giri
3 min readApr 25, 2023


There is a price for everything in this universe, Every emotion which is generated in the heart, Every thought which has crossed your mind has a vibration which will cross someone else’s mind and soul, That is why when you work with extraordinary people, you tend to behave like one, Brain is a priceless piece of extraordinary intelligence.

More we try to control our true desires, more The price of not speaking up mind is creating a poison inside you as before you speak something amazing happens in throat that you adjust the vocal chords to speak and decide the tone, language, intensity and what you want to convey even before uttering a word thyroid gland in your body send and recieve signals from brain deciding which emotion to deliver.

It is a simple function to reply to any questions asked from you but logical brain when starts developing the negative side keep on sending altering signals to thyroid to not to be rude, to not raise voice, to not use bad words and not to hurt people’s feelings.

Imagine someone said something bad to you and you wish to reply instantly with your vocabulary of wonderful abuses but all this will be suddenly placed on hold by brain telling you- She is your boss, You can lose Job and then you feel speechless. All that negative emotion gets stored in your body.

This negative emotion will come out in form of imbalance of various components in body as there is a chemical reaction which has already happened in your body and has affected from Brain to Liver and within 10–15 years of professional life most of people start falling ill due to toxicity they deal in workplace.

Till we are in college, we speak our mind, we abuse our friends openly and body is in perfect state as mind is not generating chemicals as you are not mincing your words, You fight with everyone openly the day you become silent that is a dangerous state for any human to be in, It is important that you regularly play, meditate and speak your mind, Even when some people don't agree with you.

In yogtantra we see huge surge of this problem due to thyroid, Music is something which can balance the energy and bring out right emotion, People who are unable to speak their mind are the ones who gets thyroid, and music is the one of the effective ways to cure it.

All of you thyroid patients over there- Try this for 30 days and you will feel the results on your own, Everyday 20 minutes in alone, sing along with your earpods on or even better if you can do aarti every evening in your home and you can sing any prayer.

Maa Sarswati

There are different effects of every prayer and I will explain this in detail in few days as what you should expect when you are performing different prayers and my observations on this but till then pick any chant which you feel like singing.



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