Destiny or Freewill? How much freewill you have in chart ? (Part-1)

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A lot of people ask this question to an astrologer that how much of a freewill do I have in these decisions and what will be the outcome of certain remedies?

As anyone who has read BPHS with clear mind would know that Maharishi Parashar has described the qualities of Signs with 3 equal division of four signs each to — Fix, Dual, Movable so on a blank chart you have got 33.33% of each one that 33.33% of your karma will be fixed, then 33.33% will be Dual and rest will be Movable or you will be able to change easily.

Now when you will place planets in this scheme you will find out based on planet in fixed signs the amount of freewill you get in certain area but it is not as simple as it sounds as working with this system, I have realised there are many more parameters we need to consider before giving out final word when a client ask a question such as

“Please tell me Deepanshu Ji weather I will be married or not in this life ?”

To answer these questions, I go back to this formula to see weather he has a freewill in this are of life or not.

Everyone of you who are new to learning this divine subject, Do not learn any concept of Jyotish until and unless you ask- Why ? Why Maharishi Parashar is dividing 12 signs in to so many categories and how I can use them for predictive purposes,

As before you move to Raj Yogas, Learn weather the native coming dasha will be ok for his health or not, Why planet in dual signs are behaving in uncertain manner even being exalted.

So whenever in your life you want to make improvements, Start with movable signs first as they have natural tendency to improve and being the natural kendra of the Zodiac these are pillars of life, As any remedy you will perform for the Aries sign will also give its vibration to Ascendant as well.

What I meant by pillars of the Zodiac is — Have you ever wondered that what is the role of planets sitting in Kendra houses ? What is the difference in the raj yog formed in 5th house or 3rd house or 4th house- the difference is HUGE as I have explained in chapter 7 of the book, Ask questions that why on 6 ascendants get yogkarka planets and 6 are deprive of it and why and you will get answer in Chapter 12.

Let me stick to topic in this section of freewill in the chart introduction as you will go through this book you will realise that all the basics are required not only to understand the Jyotish well but also that making predictions are easy when you understand the core fundamentals of Jyotish rather than picking a chart and trying to prove theory.

Your movable signs are the easy one’s and ready to change and now look at it ascendant wise such as for Taurus ascendant it is easy to change their environment for growth, their adaptation for learning, their thyroid hormones is easy to change as 3rd house is ruled by Cancer sign, All you need to give them an emotional reason and done, They are on your side as all they are looking in relationship with siblings is Emotional need which might be missing in some life. Movable signs can be changed with simple energy sources such as tree roots, Donations, visiting some places and activations works best in them.

Even in difficult times the native knows that there is a light at the end of tunnel as change is a part of nature, These people never get depressed with the bad situations and see silver lining in everything.

A Bad day for EGO is a great day for SOUL to introspect, How can I change ? What I do better? This is perfectly done by planet in movable signs by constantly learning and moving forward.

Movable signs shows that native has to learn lot of lessons in this life and to learn lessons you have to pass and fail, you have to make mistakes and create karma with other people — this is one of the reasons why Surya which is a significator for Soul move 3 signs to see past life events.
(Check Past life charts in Shri KN RAO book as well as Past life charts in Bhrigu Samhita of Kashmir Library)

Fixed signs shows what already has been fixed by prarabdh and very difficult to change in this life and you have to bear them in this life as there is very little say of your will and the remedies of rituals which are performed for long period of time only work on these signs or energy sources of several thousand years such as stones, rituals work in fixed signs and as a practical I can tell you the process is painful and transformative but it gives results.

Fixed signs show karma which you are bound to perform and payback in this life and these planets are biggest buckets made of cement as these planets will be hard to teach to you or change your mindset about the significations of these planets as your past life dna has already stored all the sanskars of past with planets in these houses.

Planets in fixed sign are difficult to change as they are strong willed and constantly deliver the results based on yogas formed, A yoga is a relation between two different entity, weather it’s a sign or house or planet and planet only forms 2 types of yogas while signs and house forms yogas of 4 kinds that is why understand of blank chart is important to see basic yog formed in chart.

The Planets in fixed houses are like anchors on which your ship can stay stable even in rough weather and you are blessed if these planets in fix signs are helpful to you on the other hand life becomes extremely difficult when bad yogas survive in it.

Even with all the power in hand Pandit Lal Bahadur shastri was the Man with no money till the end, Look at the two planet of money in his chart, 2nd and 11th lord both were in bad shape and everything manifested in power. He has AL in 11/5 axis and died in char dasa of Pisces/Aquarius again stressing on point that AL falling in Leo/Aqua or Cancer/Capricorn axis the married life suffers. Refer to my Jaimini sutram book on Atmakaraka.

Dual signs are the one’s which is like our mind which plays between to do or leave it, Dual signs are the one’s in which we have to create a balance and play dual roles in our life, Any planet in these signs will create a duality in the signification of planet. for example -looks

People with prominent dual sign (Asc lord, Atmakaraka or Moon) will behave as opposite gender, dress up like opposite gender or even in one case in astro data bank -A Black male use to identify as White male. The identity is getting changed completely.

Affliction to these signs native lack, how to create a balance in life as more planets without any affliction goes in these signs show how balanced the person is on the other hand signification of these houses gets completely imbalanced in affliction such as Sagittarius with Mandi, gulika- either makes person too religious or extremely non believer and both conditions are not good.

Now let us move further- Venus in dual signs -Spouse will have habit to change role and people who had afflictions to this Venus were sexually attractive to both sex.

Venus with minor affliction in dual sign choice of clothes were more bright like women does.

Saturn in dual signs native did two professions at same time and the one with afflictions were caught cheating and punished, also natives had troubled due to being stagnant and double minded in execution of job as skills were lacking.

Jupiter in Dual houses- Role as a father or guru they had to be very diplomatic to not piss off either end as to create wise balance between two parties similarly with affliction they were called out for being hypocrite and not picking up a side.

When the world started it started with principle of duality before Shiv and Shakti got separated and created 11 rudra, creating balance is not an easy thing as it constantly requires efforts to maintain the balance.

Fixed and movable are sorted as they have made their mind to remain on one end but balancing and that is why Apokilam is considered as weak houses as dual signs don’t take harsh step and even when they do, they try to compensate by some other action in opposite direction.

he reason dual signs are termed as weak is their inability to take major decisions and stood by them like look at people with 7th lord and Venus both in dual signs and their commitment towards marriage while there was a person who had Venus and 7th lord beautifully placed in fixed signs, even after everything went down in marriage, he remain committed towards the marriage.

Let us look at some example chart in terms of freewill and this will be just to get you introduce as final part will have few more calculations to see freewill.

Below is the chart of Lal Bahadur Shastri Ji -Who became Prime Minister of India in difficult times and gave a new moral booster by bringing green revolution to this country in short span of time.

Now Apply some basics what we have learned till now — Ask Three questions to yourself as a Student of Jyotish.

1) What made him Prime minister? What was the combination I am supposed to look for influential people ?
2) Is is time based Yoga or Life based Yoga?
3) How you will recognise a great chart and average chart ?

He has only 1 planet in Kendra Mars (except ra/ke) and these are fixed signs, shows lot of freewill, movement and progress in life as you will see later the only thing he never had control of was of his death due to ascendant lord in fixed signs.

He was never on a backfoot in bad times and always showed the courage to change the things as planets in movable signs work to change the circumstances rather than accepting them.

The iconic slogan he gave was “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan” This is due to Mars Rahu combo as Jai is a symbol of 11th house of Rahu and Mars combined with it and it stayed forever with everyone. So a lot of freewill in his chart to understand the basics, As free will calculation the whole chapter has been dedicated to show you complexity in it.

As you should first start with how he died last time and will he also die this time as well ?

Let us start with, How he would have died last time and it was same 2nd lord involvement in D-60 so this life as well it will be through something poison as well and now let us analyse the maraka planets in the chart.

Marak for Scorpio is Jupiter and Venus — Jupiter being placed in 6th and dispositor with Rahu make it more deadly as Sarvarth Chintamani say when 2nd lord gets connected with lord of 6/8/12 or Rahu/Ketu then it becomes deadly

There is another interesting fact look at the Jupiter in 6th house in Aries- So Aries is East but placed in 6th house so move somewhere central near to Libra- Where Lal bahadur Shastri died was Central Asia. In a Map look at from Delhi it has 30 degree deflection from exact east from Delhi.

To get the distance use the distance of Jupiter is

2nd lord represents food placed in 6th house of being conspiracy, food items in a foreign land was give to him.

In Bhrigu dasa of Jupiter -Mars when the circuit of 6th house was completed- he came under the conspiracy and died.


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