Fall of Crypto -Rise of Metaverse

Deepanshu Giri
2 min readMay 15, 2022


It was 2021when students asked me about crypto and investments and my one word as a reply was — Rahu in Taurus has created a illusion of money and as soon as Rahu will leave this sign slowly the ballon will be bust.


What you are experiencing in stock markets and Crypto exchanges is called as reality check as this will make markets struggle for some time until and unless Uranus enters the sign of taurus to give a great hype to stocks and crypto both but what does that mean as an investor that all this will be finished ?

The good news is no- Anything which is created by Rahu always finds a way to survive as Rahu and Ketu has effect of nectar so if a currency is created by Rahu it will survive but for the time being until and unless any of the friends of Rahu enters the Taurus the crypto and stocks are both going to struggle.

Since Sun has just entered Taurus, I am waiting for actions from authority on this matter as now there will be laws related to crypto for being regulated in the name of “SAVING INVESTORS” — On 19th of June Venus is entering the Taurus so you can expect a relief as prices will get some support and specially around 25th of June.

So my advice to all stake holders in crypto is stay invested and wait for Uranus to give you unexpected boost.

Since Rahu has left Taurus and moved to Aries so what is going to happen now is you will suddenly hear this term a lot- Metaverse, Digital land, Online world and buying property in metaverse can make you lot of money, If you want to dig in go ahead and start working in it but again leave it before Rahu move to Pisces as after fake currency — Maharaj Rahu is working on selling land which doesn’t exist.

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Deepanshu Giri

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