If Future is fixed why we do remedies?

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This is in continuation of Space time theory — If you haven’t read these two articles, I would recommend reading them for better understanding.

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These two articles will get you started so your energy level can be raised enough so you can understand the context we are talking about as to understand some subjects, your brain should be in zone to read them with the deepest part of soul as sometimes we are in so much of denial of our own wishes that we forget what kind of magic we are holding in our chest.

A lot of logical questions are asked by students when I was teaching Karma and relationships course related to partner- Such as are we destined for same partner ? What if we had karma related to that partner only ?

This is a very valid and logical question and should be answered- I will answer it from Jaimini point of view in Jaimini series as to understand Jaimini astrology, you have understand the view point of Rishi Jaimini- He is not an ordinary rishi as even in ancient times there were streams of subject, while most of the rishis were coming from science and mathematics background.

It was only rishi Jaimini who was coming from Arts background as other than Jyotish he has also written Mimansa Sutra which is a philosophical work of Rishi Jaimini and when he is speaking in astrology as well, He is giving metaphors such as- Aries being 5 Rats and Cats- and what you can infer from this.

To even understand the Jaimini more than the technical knowledge what you require is the outlook towards the life as Maharishi Jaimini is looking in to astrology from philosophical point of view and he is a revolutionary in ideas that he even criticize Vedas on various matter.

So, Can we change our destined partner? Let me give you reference from Story of Ramayana — If everything was pre-destined then why Maharaj Dasrath organized a havan for getting a male child ? As he knew by doing a certain ritual some portion of future can be alternated and the havan which was done was not for only getting kids but also for the person who is going to be born will restore a Dharma.

See the bigger vision of King Dashrath and in life when you ask for anything in life, Always have a bigger vision for everyone as then what happens is nature starts responding to your request and Universe be like- “AHA here is my man- who will get my job done and has a vision for everyone. Let me deliver my nectar through him.”

Let me give you an example and this is what most of us do subconsciously such as — If any work is not being done people pray — “ Please god if I get job -I will donate x amount.” Something on similar lines, Still the universe listen through you and you get your work done and this communication works better from certain places such as temple, Where the connection to outer universe is much clear so we should choose a natural element of nature to communicate.

Imagine what will happen when you will ask for more bigger causes such as, Give me knowledge so I can provide healing to people, Universe waits for people to ask for things for others as there are very few who rise their energy above a level where they can think of what I can give to others and when we have to communicate to nature our sages intelligently and subconsciously programmed us to do rituals which are closed to nature.

Such as praying while standing in river (Water Element), Mountain Top (Air Element), Havan (fire element), Under a Tree (Earth element) or by being blessed by Jeev -your parents, guru- (Ether Element).

So yes when we start mixing the Space and Time and when it is related to partners — which is more of emotions and water element- When we do remedies standing in water on a particular day the future related to partner gets alternated- Just for reference — All stories related to Kings and rishis have element of water in it- As also rishi Parashara met Satyavati in a boat travel.

There is a reason why specifically boat is mentioned but understand the fact that future can be alternated for sure by understanding the combination of your chart and then by trying to alternate it .


Let us say someone has Sun in 7th house in taurus sign which is considered as a bad combination as Sun represents Soul and being in 7th house of partner, natives Soul was still engaged with partner in past life as well as this life and this house being the exalted house of Saturn — native face troubles as in past life still some desire from spouse is still not fulfilled and most likely it is related to money or food.

What if we do a remedy of making a Sun Yantra in a particular muhurta on banks of a river ganga and establish a connection with spouse- What you think is going to happen after it ?

Like one of the sharpest people i know in circle made a Venus yantra on Lunar Eclipse- He has Venus in 8th house in Taurus -What do you think has happened ? As this is a yantra so communication has to happen from realm of Shukra and being in Taurus(Money) in 8th house death- He got scammed of 50K INR. I mean this is the guy who can calculate things mentally in business models for you.

Venus in 8th shows that some problem related to spouse should be there in a dasa of Venus in a traumatic event but even before this the native was able to solve this by giving out money and saving spouse — Now event will happen but she will be saved like an miracle.

Similarly when you do a remedy for bad combinations in relationship, whatever your debt with the other person is — gets completed before time at a discount rate and then the other person also follows their journey with some other partner, So you will still encounter the partner coming in to your life but since you have already paid debt in some other form or element by your actions, Partner will come for a short time period, some times as short as 2 days.

If any of my remedies have helped you in a bad time period, Comment the details and if possible birth details as well.



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