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Lunar Astro is Happy to Announce its First Edition of Lunar Astro Magazine 2021. Every 3–4 months, there will be one new Magazine from Lunar Astro. Lunar Astro invites researchers throughout the world on Vedic Astrology, Spirituality, Remedies and Healing. Get the Magazine on the Lunar Astro Website.

lunar astro magazine

Table of Content: -

  • About Lunar Astro & Deepanshu Giri.
  • Arudha, Atmakaraka & Past Life by Deepanshu Giri- Lunar Astro.
  • Importance of Research in Astrology by Amit Singh- Lunar Astro.
  • Education Predictions Using Bhrigu Nandi Nadi & Yogini Dasha by Rajesh Hodda- Lunar Astro.
  • Ruling Planets & Timing of Events in KP by Sunny Malik- Lunar Astro.
  • Planets & Dictatorship by Shishir Singh- Lunar Astro.
  • Skin Care — Ayurveda Way by Neelu Kalra- Lunar Astro.
  • How to Vibrate Higher Spiritually on Daily Basis by Garima- Lunar Astro.
  • Chakra Introduction, Occult Science, Monthly Predictions- January.
  • Combust or Cazimi by Bharat Ram- Lunar Astro Magazine.
  • Shastriya Gyan, Knowledge of Veda & Dharma Scriptures by Hement Bhatt- Lunar Astro.
  • Ketu- The Invisible Baggage by Kanika Vij- Lunar Astro Magazine.
  • Nimitta Astrology the Co-incidences around Us by Prateek Arora- Lunar Astro.

Also, there are many knowledgeable articles in Hindi by various famous astrologers and spiritual teachers. You will also get valuable Lunar Astro Reviews from students and clients of Lunar Astro.

Check this Link Below for the Lunar Astro Magazine-



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Deepanshu Giri

Astrologer and Teacher of Vedic Astrology | Founder of LUNAR ASTRO VEDIC ACADEMY [] | Under water robotics engineer.