Most Precious Entity in Universe

Deepanshu Giri
4 min readMay 23, 2022


If I ask you what is the most precious thing in this universe is -some of you might go for some metal like gold or diamond or even new generation will go up to saying nft or bitcoin.

Truth is all these entities are part of man made pricing and has value with limited options such as gold has power to get you out of financial crisis or same with any other form of money but the real precious entity is something which people spend most easily and even without thinking.

The most precious entity in this universe is life force inside you which you are continuously spending in various tasks without even thinking twice, the whole world wants your attention, It seeks your energy and the truth is that more you spend this energy lower you go down in life.

Our sages knew this and this is why sages created different mediums to gather energy from five elements of the universe and not only this, as energy of universe is extremely raw sages were very specific to which mantra and yantra to use to get a particular vibration of energy.

The truth in these rituals are that more you follow the algorithm designed for any type of energy, better are the results you get in terms of energy such as below is a picture of a simple filter circuit used to filter a form of electrical energy.

Diode Filter

What the electrical circuit does above is that it blocks a particular type of energy but imagine this what if i show you a picture below do you find a similarity between the D component in the above picture and picture below?

Yantra for Spiritual guidance.

The work of both circuit is similar that whatever energy is coming, the component will filter out certain energy and absorb a specific form of energy from universe.

Every single time we meet someone, based on their energy levels we either receive or dissipate energy and sometimes the difference in energy is so high that meeting some people gives headache, Even when we watch a certain tv show or listen to music what we are doing is using the energy but if its in form of a particular rhythm we tend to start attracting energy towards us or start giving out energy.

When our chakras are getting active we have to be very careful of whom to meet as opening a chakra is a difficult task but once it happens you don’t have much control over what goes inside as it absorbs energy 24/7 and imagine you meet a person who is vibrating extremely negative energy at that point of time, you will find that your chakra is like doing contractions and feel like a squeezy plastic toy with vibrator in it.

This is the time period for all seekers which can make them go down in life that is why most of the yantras or even temples have gopur(Squares) as first line of defense as this behaves like a protection circuit to make sure only energy which is aligned with the universe goes inside the native. That is why even temples and vedic homes are build in this manner.

Although it looks like a square but the construction is done with the help of triangles and circles and then later on erased several parts to achieve this square.

Outer part is Gopur.

To get in sync with the universe sages designed various forms of ragas for rajsik people that even when they are enjoying music that becomes the way to gather the energy, mantras for spiritual seekers and then to get in complete rhythm with the help of Mantras, yantras, type of beads to be used, number of beads in a garland, Space (Place on earth) where this mantra will be effective, finger to be used rituals are performed to make sure whatever is required from universe is delivered to particular native.

Such as various sadhnas mentioned to get various things, you will read that doing jaap of gayatri requires 1.25 lac of mantra jaap but this 1.25 lac what you are counting does not have to be 1.25 lac in terms humans count, As when you can make a synchronization with universe, It will be achieved in same day -108 counting only as when the cosmos is open and you try to ask for energy- it will deliver energy in no time.

I have shown miracle of Gayatri in live class several times but it is not even about predictions, The power of gayatri jaap is beyond what one can think of, the most valuable thing in this universe is energy and if you can harness the energy from universe nothing else you will require from life.

Such as our facebook forum is a live example of what has happened with several people when they have used a simple triangle as an experiment similarly what will happen when you know how to make complete circuit and sounds to make mantras according to your chart.

Such as for malefices in 2nd house what if you can make a customized yantra to get rid of the problem to get the energy from universe to override the malefic combinations in the chart.



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