Predictive Techniques for Leo Navamsha | Lunar Astro Predictive Course

In Kalpurush Kundli Leo is the Natural 5th house. Leo is ruled by the Sun and is a Satwic Sign. It resides in the east and is day strong.
Leo is the heart of the Zodiac and more than the king holding the authority he has to rule the heart of the people. Any planet in Leo navamsa only works by heart for the benefit of people rather than written laws. In a democracy, if a king starts working on rules only without thinking about the feeling of the masses, his end term is very near. Among the lion and Elephant, Elephant is more powerful than the lion but still, the lion is the king of the Jungle as he draws lines and has the heart to face all challenges and accept them as it comes rather than compromising he makes sure to solve problems and lead by front. Similarly, any planet in Leo navamsa dares to face everything as it comes. Saturn in the Leo Navamsha will face problems from the boss in the profession and eventually, he will become the boss.



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Deepanshu Giri

Astrologer and Teacher of Vedic Astrology | Founder of LUNAR ASTRO VEDIC ACADEMY [] | Under water robotics engineer.