Raag and Past life travel

Deepanshu Giri
5 min readMar 2, 2022

When we sleep we attract energy as our soul travels and gets connected to various energy sources and for connection we use yantras, mudras and various patterns.

When we wake up next day we have a good or bad hair days and you might be wondering what makes our hair supercool one day and really bad another day that when we same shampoo and process every time, The answer is energy in your head, like people with excessive Rahu energy in their head make their hair always standing up, people with lot of Jupiter energy never let their hair settle at the middle portion where there is a place of shikha.

This is because every night you absorb energy from space while you are sleep in your dreams and your dreams are part of the energy you are receiving that is why it is strictly recommended to not keep any electronic item or utensil next to head, Even a lal kitab remedy to keep a glass of water next to head to give you healing effect while you are asleep.

One of the most important patterns is formed in our head which makes us feel energetic and messy the next morning depending on what was our energy source last night, whether we drained or gained, tell me what will happen when you will sleep and your head has a messy pattern, you will attract messy energy, When you sleep with a yantra pattern in your head you attract that energy in the night.

Seven svara represents seven planets in Jyotish starting from shadja to Nishad from Sun to Saturn and as I always recommend ragas as a form of therapy before sleeping, music not only helps in good sleep but also makes a pattern in your brain like kinematics and these patterns are yantras of different planets.

The one mentioned below is of Raag Yaman which is of Moon to soothe to before sleep and give healing effect and forms yantra of Moon in head and when you will sleep you will start attracting all the people who are required to fulfil the karma of Moon in your life.

Like how I got the technique of Sun in 10th house is war zone and person has a desire to complete the fight was- whenever I listened to the raag of Sun and sleep- I got to see faces of people, blood bath, and stories with a clear narrative and I came to know that I was poisoned in a past life as a part of warfare then also Nadi reading confirmed the same. (Sun being 2nd lord with 8th lord Rahu)

Seems crazy right but when old people were told to fast for religion and people mocked them -2 years back a Japanese got a noble prize for telling the same thing.

This is a remedy to know yourself to make yantra and travel to different worlds altogether to experience things of several lifetimes in one night for example, If you have Moon in 9th house and you listen to raag yaman which is of healing ragas and you will not get very good dreams as in dream you will see bad relations in dream while Moon in 12th house will give you dreams of your spouse killing you and you can try it if you have Moon in 12th or sign of Moon in 12th house you will get a similar dream.

Why this energy is now attracted towards you as now you have connected yourself via your body yantra to universe, You spend thousands to achieve a state of trans- I am giving you that in one night to fast forward your journey, It is not about distance, Its about your energy on how fast you can travel.

You are suffering in profession and don’t know what is your mistake or why you deserve to be in such position, Don’t you ask this question every night while sleeping as i do ask every night , I have questions and i am very clear that my answers can be given by universe only and for this i should get ready to travel every night to different world to see why I am going through any particular phase.

So If you are suffering from Saturn -Listen to raag of Saturn which is Raag Shiva and similar one’s and while sleeping you will see dreams you have never experienced before in your life and now check your Saturn, You will get to know the story which no astrologer can tell you, You face your past life karma as whatever question you will ask from universe at that night with the yantra in your head, you will get connected to same realm that night.

A person with Saturn in 2nd house listened to raag and I asked him to note down the dream first thing in morning and this person woke up with tears of grief with very heavy heart as in dream he saw a house and he was part of a family but a person in family was committing suicide as after fight with him over food the person went to his room and hanged himself and he was unable to save that member and it was very painful dream for this person as he said this dream was so clear that he could see the paint of stool was blue and chipped from various parts when this native was trying to get the body down and even in dream, he was apologizing and grieving for his fight with native.

This one incident shook the native badly as after this his fight with siblings stop as this astral travel helped native understood the family members and it was so much of grief on losing a family member in past that he carried with him.

After 6 months he tried this again and this time he saw two brothers starving for food outside mud house eating every single rice which was on floor and again this was painful but brothers had lot of love and affection as one was feeding other, In same dream he saw that he got access to bags of rice but this was on cost that his big brother became slave at someone’s house and he again woke up with not very good feeling and all this whatever this native was experiencing is stories of past life.

You want remedy of a lifetime, work on your energy as that is going to change everything around you, you attract only people what you radiate, This is the first step towards astral projection to see your past life as strange dreams will come now to help you remind of various things such as school friends and unknown people and in 1 or 2 days same people will come in front.

It will go to a crazy level of manifestation that things become unexplainable.

Here are the list of Ragas and planets

Sun- Shadja- Tanpura- Raag Shadbhinna

Moon — All raag which are shudh and Komal

Mars- Bhairvai, Asavi, thodi

Mercury- Gandharva, kalyan, poorvi

Venus- Nat bhairav, Brindabani sarang

Jupiter- Shudha

Saturn- Jaunpuri, the one with a very heavy base voice like Pandit Bhim Shankar.



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