Saturn- A Storehouse

Deepanshu Giri
3 min readJul 18


Crying is a human emotion which is deeply embedded in all of us and this is a natural p[rocess which we all go through over a period of time, The creation o human is such that to clear negative emotions in body, crying is induced.

Saturn being the significator of sorrow, guilt, restrictions and all our bad experiences in life stores its information in watery signs as that is why all three nakshatras of Saturn are placed in watery signs, as only water can store emotions in our body, this is why it is important that from time to time we keep on clearing emotions by changing water of the body.

Usually people only focuses on one type of Vish yog which is
Saturn Moon as Moon being the planet responsible for carrying emotions but forget the other two watery signs and their lord when gets afflicted with Saturn, When Saturn gets in conjunction with Moon, Jupiter or Ketu or placed in watery signs of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces or in houses of 4/8/12 then also it gives the similar results, but each combination has different intensity.

Saturn Ketu- shows Saturn storing deep fears of past and events which has happened in past while the native were in their last moments, Saturn Ketu in combination happening anywhere in Cancer or Pisces shows native has deep desire to leave everything behind and go for Sanyas.

Ketu is the final Journey of the native, The state of soul between the mortal and immortal world and now his all efforts will be to be in a line of work where native is trying to help people to cross the bridge and may be telling fantasy stories -to help people connect to other side of the world, This combination only gets spiritual in two signs rest of the Zodiac the karma is dependent of quality of Rasi as an example Saturn Ketu in Gemini might be helping people find loop hole in paperwork but on deeper level this shows native has been hurt badly in the past and need to travel lot in this life.

Saturn being the cold, Dry planet, when gets in contact with a planet like Ketu whose work is to dissolve the karma by lack of oxygen and What Ketu really does is breakdown any house in to small pieces, You don’t die in a day but in multiple small deaths until you give up the will to live and wait for death to arrive, then anything can be the reason, but this is how anything decays in this universe, Saturn being the planet of longevity feels comfortable in Scorpio as it slows down the process of decay and death if not retrograde, when these two combine in Capricorn which is house of energy, which requires daily efforts, Ketu helps Saturn by giving the advantage of being the pioneer in any field and leave the competition.

A good powerful Rahu and Ketu will always separate you away from the league of mortals in their Dasa by providing enough of help from the different realms.

These planets work in reverse motion and as stated in book of retrograde planets- They don’t work as you wish, The best of Ketu comes out when you don’t try to be number one, The best of Rahu comes out when you try to relax in bad situations and let Rahu takes over, refer to book of retrograde planets for more.

Ketu is also private parts as rules the natural 8th house and you cannot go to toilet if you are not relax, even when to piss, you need to whistle so your brain can relax and leave the water and Imagine what anxiety will do to other body parts and how it will decay you, One of the remedies of Ketu on a mental level to be done is to not be attached to this house- as this is the house which will give you most amount of pain.



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