Sight of Saturn

Deepanshu Giri
2 min readFeb 17, 2023

Whenever we buy new car or house the first thing we do is ask Pandit ji to bless us and as the work of true Jupiter is, It always blesses us to grow bigger and better. You see Jupiter has a habit to bless everyone as it feels happy when anyone grows while Saturn is opposite, Saturn is limitation and whomever Saturn aspects- Saturn brings limitations.

Saturn when transit in Aquarius will aspect Aries, Leo and Scorpio and will bring out significations of these signs by pointing out mistakes and limitations in it, So if you are experiencing any trouble after Saturn Transit this is due to the fact that there must be planets placed in sight of Saturn.

The best remedies to get relief from sight of Saturn are based on which aspect of Saturn is troubling you as there are three aspects-

In this article- I am focusing only on Third aspect.

Whenever Saturn troubles with third aspect the best remedy is to offer oil to Saturn as well as go for regular oil bath and massage, Make sure you are not keeping your body dry as third aspect is of hard work and when Saturn expects you hard work it is moreover like a machine and what keeps any machine running is oil.

Let us suppose Saturn is aspecting Sun from 3rd aspect this means during this period you will have to mentally exhaust yourself so make sure you are applying proper oil to head as well as consuming dry fruits which has Vitamin D in it. Dry fruits are the significators of Saturn and Vitamin D is for Sun which controls hippocampal neurons as well as cortical neurons which is for perception, awareness and growth of brain.

You must have observed since the transit in Aquarius has happened, you will feel pressure, headache and problems in vision, but all this is what is a result of Saturn’s headache.



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