Travelling Parallel Universe

We live in a world which is made up of 5 elements and 7 different colors and each color represents that their are 7 types of realms which exist on earth. In Bhagwat the description is about 14 realms which are division of 7 realms in to higher and lower frequencies.

When we do a bad karma in a particular realms let us say the highest realm which is Satyalok — the work of Satyalok is to be impartial towards others and make sure in the realm below, everyone gets food, water air but if due to laziness if you do not perform your task, You will be downgraded and sent to the lower realm to experience the pain of these people.

All Realms controlled by Lord Vishnu

Similarly when you do good in lower lokas of let us say feeding people and taking care of them, you will be promoted to Mahalok where everyone with big heart lives.

On same earth it is not only seven colors which are present but also seven realms but we fail to recognize them, as an example you live in a particular realm where you think people are mean and selfish and you are experiencing problems, look for a planet in your chart and see why you are demoted to live in such a world of mean people.

There are different realms of the planet. We travel to the world of that particular planet to fulfil karma, the reason we are born as humans is due to mistakes done in the Martian realm towards humans so we have to live in between them while some of us belong to Akash or the pataal lok.

A gateway to Hell.

Parallel universe exist around us, It is us only who fail to recognize the difference, The example above of Satyalok is an example of Jupiter where the work of Jupiter is to take care of society but if one fails to do it, native has to operate on lower frequency where the work will be same but the people around him will make sure that you have to physically work hard.

Jupiter/Ketu 1/7 remain unhappy on earth as he is downgraded while other people benefit from their presence. They continuously have to work hard to elevate themselves.

Saturn 1/7 feels blessed with so many things as they are upgraded, but they have to live this life with Saturn’s realm around them.

Similarly, every sign has a special quality and when the time comes we have to travel to complete the karma again, the concept of Space and Time.
Capricorn is like an island nation- People with planets in Capricorn have to travel to an island to fulfil their karma.

Such as the 5th house, Capricorn- you will get college in an extremely remote place, and then to complete the karma, finally, you have to travel to an island.

Jupiter in Capricorn -your education institution has to be in a remote place where again reaching takes a lot of trouble.

Imagine Venus in Capricorn, and after marriage, they will again move to a place where the couple can fulfil the karma.

A Place of Capricorn.

I have taught the effect of different karma by using planet in each houses in happiness series and now when you apply those techniques and see why you have travelled to certain places in life or meet different people only to complete your karma.

If you were lucky you will find people who will help you complete you karma but my question is if Shastra says karma has to be dissipated and then why remedies, What remedies actually do in astrology ? As we discussed in last blog that how using the space and time mechanism we can alter the future then what happens to karma.

Why I am stressing out so much for everyone to make yantras so you can communicate with outer realm. I will write in detail about this but at present I am not sure that how many people are actually able to understand this concept so let me know in comment section and I will come down to simpler part such as Kritika nakshatra and their habits but once you know why you are performing remedies and what will be the result of it trust me your life is going to change.

I am provoking everyone to become a medium to get knowledge from outer realm as imagine this you have done a karma and now you have to dissipate it -Can I by taking money in name of yantra, yagna or say any pooja do it on your behalf ?

I will write down these things in detail in upcoming blogs so stay tuned.

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